Vermont 2012

Well, I'm back in Vermont - first time since June of 2011. I have been looking at the streetlights -

Gihon Bridge Streetlight #1

The Gihon River at night -

Gihon River at night #1

And the same river at 4 below zero -

Gihon River at 4 below zero

And, once more, on a sunny day -

'Snow on Canvas' - December 2011 Photo Show

I'm doing another show at U-Frame-It.
The opening reception is Friday, December 16th 6-7:30 PM
2011 Show Card
If you can't make it to the show, here are the images:
UFI Show December 2011

Tractor Parade and Josh in Alfafla Field

In July we had a tractor parade go through our area.

Some were pretty fancy - with separate accommodations for 'the wife' and the obligatory invocation of local deities:

His Tractor (and her seat)

Others were more rudimentary but gave bonuses in the form of candy:

Candy distribution

So Josh did a little candy hunting in the young alfalfa:

Fall 2011 Butterflies

We had some spectacular butterflies late in the Fall of 2011.

First, a pair of female monarchs came through the morning of September 4th.
Two female monarchs

Then one gave me a nice profile against the morning sky:
Single monarch

Finally, the next day, we saw a pair of swallowtails mating in a rather interesting configuration:

Fall 2011 windstorm

We had a big windstorm On Friday, September 2nd. It knocked out power to our place for 12 hours. We were among 65,000 customers without power due to the storm.

More interestingly, it did some remodeling to an old house on Highway 71 outside of Mauston (aka Mouseberg).

Here is the west wall, pre-storm:
House of Highway 71 - pre-storm

Then, a few days later:

2011 Family Weekend

Our Family Weekend of 2011 ran from August 4-8.

Here are some photos:Family Weekend 2011

And some fireworks: Fireworks 2011

We did the obligatory Group Therapy, too. Here's the entire session (warning: large file ~13 Mbytes): Group Therapy 2011

Wisconsin Somewheres - Summer 2011 Photo Show

Wisconsin Somewheres is opening tonight, June 3, at U-Frame-It Gallery. This is a joint show with CPM members: Reece Donihi, Scott Snyder, Diane Hammer, Mike Murray, Dave Gustafson and Mike Anderson.

A slideshow of my contribution is here: Wisconsin Somewheres - Summer 2011

Show Card

Vermont continues

Vermont seems to be having a record snow year as you can see from these images.

Vermont Panorama Series

Vermont Night Series

Here is a series of photos I took the other night - it was snowing/sleeting a bit.

A visitation of eagles (and some crows) December 2010 and January 2011

We have had some eagles visiting for several weeks. They are snacking on slaughterhouse waste that was spread on a neighboring field.

This one found my camera annoying.

Annoyed Eagle

It looked better when it flew away.

Eagle in Flight

Some of the eagles can do formation flying (and I have a nice bridge to sell, if you want it).

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