A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night in Vermont. I had arrived a few hours earlier after a two and a half hour ride from Burlington in a taxi driven by a guy who:
1. Did not have a map.
2. Had a GPS but did not know how to use it.
3. Could not read road signs even when I read them out to him (something wrong here).

It was a dark and stormy night

Lakeshore Ice
Anyway, I got installed in Trustee #6, my VSC home-away-from-home and wandered over to the Red Mill. Dinner was about over - it was 6:30 - and all that was left were some partly-dessicated bits of fish on the steam table. The salad was gone (no surprise there) and there was one end of a sourdough baguette lying lonely on the breadboard. I left it to its own devices and headed to the Wicked Wings.

A couple of days before I had gotten a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, a very light mirrorless camera with a nice Leica DC Vario-Summicron F 2.0 28 mm lens with a mechanical 3:1 zoom. About all I had done with it was take a few pictures of my kitchen and some street shots, so I stuffed it into the pocked of my rain jacket and went off to consume some ribs and fries as well as a couple of local brews.

The Gihon river was in full flood as I crossed the bridge, no surprise as I had gotten many views of various Vermont rivers way past flood stage over the past few hours. I had also seen many flooded roads and, in desperation, encouraged the cab driver to drive a half mile through a 9-12" flood at 'Willow Crossing' - needless to say we made it, going at less than a walking page to keep the engine from getting drowned. The Gihon was impressive as I crossed it but I had seen many flooded Vermont rivers that day and in that past so I shot a few obligatory frames and walked on to the bar.

An hour later, full of ribs, fries and local brew, I re-crossed the Gihon bridge. By this time the rain had turned to sleet and the river had become a very impressive torrent - clearly Gabriel did not want me to go upstream and re-visit Eden. I agreed but shot a few more frames - in fact, quite a few more frames. Of these, the following was by far the best - the bare tree on the left, the abandoned factory building, the outside light illuminating the river upstream and the Barbara White studio lights in the background worked out nicely with the crossing blurs of sleet.