Vermont - again! How many times can you go to Vermont?

Another month in Vermont. Snow and the usual suspect photographs.

At first I did some work with a teakettle and cold air coming through a window.


Then when I went outside the moon, Jupiter, the Pleiades, the Hyades and Aldebaran were visible along with the condensing plume from the building's boiler:

Moon and Furnace Plume

A few days before that some blowing snow caught my eye around sunset (the cat is immune to cold):

Blowing Snow

One evening I had some close encounters with snowplows.

One was large:

Big Snowplow

The other was small (but very close):

Little Snowplow

There were quite a few snowflakes that night, as well. Some aht[sic] viewing was happening in the Red Mill dining area.

Red Mill - Slide Night

And on the last day of the session, February 28th:

February 28th Snow


Red Mill in February 28th Snow

And, finally:

Red Mill and Gihon Bridge in February 28th Snow

I also photographed Arista Alanis's studio:

Arista Studio 2013

As well as Jon Gregg's studio (Jon [shown twice in the image] is the Founder and Eminence Grise of the Vermont Studio Center):

Jon's Studio