Warren and Wendy Garden - 2009 Version

An ongoing sequence of photos of our garden, starting in late winter.

November 21st

A foggy morning, the opening day of deer season. Josh, Beth and Zane were with us enjoying the low visibility.

We finished up the garden for the season, covering the rows with straw mulch after planting quite a few garlic bulbs.

I won't visit the farm until the last week in December, so the next shot should have plenty of snow.

Garden on October 24th

October 11th

The garden is pretty much done for the year - we had a week of heavy frosts and even a bit of snow. Fortunately, we had picked all the remaining peppers and tomatoes so they are inside ripening up.

We cleared out the frozen plants, leaving only the parsely, beets, carrots and, below ground, the potatoes.

The field behind the garden is ready for planting with an assortment of prairie seed. We plan to do that next weekend.

Garden on October 11th

October 4th

Well, it had to happen sooner or later: the first frost. This one was a little odd, with still, clear air that wasn't quite down to 32, but the clear sky froze the broad leaved, sensitive plants. We also had two days of fierce winds that knocked down the tomato trellis - snapped off at the ground! You can see it on the right of the photo. I recovered about 20 pounds of tomatoes and we have been roasting them like crazy, as well as making pizza, salads and sandwiches - they won't go to waste.

The raspberries, lettuce, beets, carrots and, amazingly, peppers, survived. The weekend was a little gloomy, with Wendy in New York, and I spent a busy 24 hours collecting tomatoes and picking some raspberries.

We also got about 1 1/2 inches of rain. Fall is here in earnest.

Garden on October 4th

September 27th

The drought is over: 2 inches of rain this week and we have plenty of raspberries - 8 quarts this weekend. Lovely.

The flowers are still going strong but the hummers are gone to Central America for the winter. They should be back around May 1st.

Garden on September 27th

September 20th

It's still dry and the past week has been warm. The deluge of raspberries is beginning - we picked five quarts this weekend. Wonderful!

We also have some great fall flowers. You can see a magenta New England Aster in the foreground.

Garden on September 20th

September 12th

Near drought conditions - it it weren't for the heavy dew and the cool temperatures things would be quite brown by now. Lots of tomatoes and more raspberries - waiting for the deluge of those.

Garden on September 12th

September 7th
Still no rain - the squash are OK but the cukes are fading fast. Lots of tomatoes coming along and some more great melons.

Raspberries are building - about a quart this weekend.

Garden on September 7th

August 30th

Not much warmer this week with a trace of rain on Friday. Still plenty of squash but the deluge of cukes is abating. We have a few more tomatoes but still far too few. The prize of the week was the first chanterais melon - heavenly! We hope for more next week.

We have a few fall raspberries as well - very large and sweet - with many more to come. We also found some blackberries on an old bush to the north of the old tobacco barn. This was a fortuitous find, as we have been planning a blackberry patch for a couple of years but didn't know where to put it. We had been thinking of the former corn/sunflower field to the south of the garden but realized it is too exposed to the winter winds for blackberries. So, the survivor blackberry bush showed us the way - we will plant a row right there, on the north side of the old tobacco barn foundation. We will use root cuttings from the old bush and, perhaps, some purchased stock as well. This will happen next spring, but we have to prepare the bed now.

The old blackberry bush showed itself after we had carefully dug up the whole corn/sunflower field (you can see the freshly-dug earth on the far side of the garden in the photo above). Now we have to figure out what to plant there....

Garden on August 30th

August 23rd

It's cooled down again but we got some rain - 1 1/2" in the week. Lots of squash, a deluge of cukes, some nice tomatoes (but not as many as we would like) and plenty of beans. The melons are coming along nicely but we need some warmer weather.

Garden on August 23rd

August 16th

A hot week ending with a bit of rain - 1/4" on Sunday. The tomatoes are doing well, with plenty of Cascades and others. We are overwhelmed with cukes and squash. Plenty of green beans, too. We ate a couple of red peppers this weekend with many more to come.

Garden on August 16th

August 12th

We missed the weekend visiting Andre, Peni and Joseph in Chicago, so I went up to the farm just to shoot this photo...

It rained a lot during the last ten days - 3 1/2" in our gauge!

We have lots of green beans (I picked 10 pounds), plenty of squash and cukes and some great Cascade tomatoes. The melons are coming along nicely as are the peppers.

Garden on August 12th

August 2nd

July is done - it was a record cool month for our area.

We had about 1 1/2" of rain in the past week and things are growing very well. We have our first tomatoes (three cherries) and first cucumber with many more to come.

The beans are prolific - we picked at least five pounds this weekend!

We also dug/pulled the shallots and the garlic. The shallot crop was great - nice big bulbs this time.

Garden on August 2nd

July 26th

A little warmer this week and some rain, too - about 1/2" Friday and Saturday.

The beans are great this week - Wendy made cold green bean soup - wonderful!
Lots of zucchini and some patty pan squash,too. The melons are setting fruit like crazy and we have lots of incipient peppers.

Our flowers are wonderful just now - you can see some purple coneflowers just in front of the garden in the photo below. We have red and purple monarda (bee balm), prairie mallow, butterfly weed, yellow dock, Joe Pye weed and a bunch of other stuff.

There are many tree swallows around - 20 or so - and they really appreciate our mowing the grass. They swarm around the mower, picking off the insects that pop out of the cut grass. I have tried to photograph them with little success yet.

Garden on July 26

July 19th

Things haven't warmed up much - the highs on Friday-Saturday July 17-18 were the lowest on record (?).

But we still have zucchini, basil and some lettuce. We dug up the first garlic and the shallots aren't far behind. The tomatoes are doing great, too.

The beets are great - Wendy made excellent borscht on Saturday.

We ate our first beans this weekend, too. Should be more than we can handle next week.

The raspberries are a bit slow - too cool and not enough rain. We got about a quart this weekend with, hopefully, more to come next weekend.

Garden on July 19

July 11th

The weekend of July 11th was cool with a little rain on Friday night. The sugar snaps are still good but the spinach is done. We still have excellent romaine. We grilled some zucchini with our salmon for Friday dinner.

The string beans are growing like crazy - maybe some next week?

The potatoes are doing great - we had new potato salad last week - and the beets are edible - we have made one batch of borscht, with many more to follow.

The tomatoes are setting fruit.

And, last, but not least, the raspberries are ripening. We picked a pint on Saturday but they didn't make it into the house. Many more next week!

Garden on July 11

July 5th
July 5 - no rain this week but the sugar snaps are fantastic. We also have some spinach and baby romaine. The squash should be ready to eat next week and we have green peppers and tomatoes. The summer raspberries are nearly ready, too.

Garden on July 5

June 28th
June 28th and the sweet peas are ready - great eating right off the vine. The spinach and lettuce are still edible but near the end of their run while we have a few tiny zucchini coming along. Some peppers are set and the potato plants are flowering (no potato bugs yet, either!).
The previous week was very hot - over 90 F many days - but it's cooled off now. Hope it stays that way.

Garden on June 28

June 21th
The first day of Summer - we still have lettuce and spinach. The peas are peaing all over the place, with many flowers and some pods formed already. The tomatoes are coming along - lots of solid foliage and many flowers. And, at last, we have cukes doing well. I even dug up a shallot on June 21 - a bit small but very good. Another 2 1/2" of rain this week, too!

Garden on June 22

June 14th

June 14 was sunny and warm - a change from the previous week. We have had plenty of rain, with 2 1/2 inches in the past week. The peas are flowering and we still have spinach and lettuce. The squash and melons are getting along but the tomatoes and peppers are a bit slow. The prairie/pasture area is growing fast, too.

Garden June 14

June 7th
The weekend of June 5-7 was foggy and wet but the lettuce and spinach were very good - and the asparagus was still going strong.
Garden JUne 6

May 31st
We put in the melons and squash (second row from left), peppers (third row from left, rear), more melons (fifth row, middle) and cukes (sixth row, rear) this weekend. We also put in the gourds - they are being watered in the rear, outside the fence (although we don't need much water - it rained 3" during the past week).

Garden May 31

May 25th

Wendy's birthday and the spinach and lettuce are edible, the peas are starting to climb the trellis, and the basil and tomatoes are in.

Garden May 25

May 17th

I put up the electric fence today - we aren't sharing beet greens with the deer this year!

Shallots center front, peas left rear, lettuce and spinach left front, parsley center front, beets right front, garlic center rear, raspberry bushes along the far fence...on and on!
Oriole on hummer feeder

May 3rd

Here's a photo of the garden taken on May 3. The garlic is coming along (fifth row from left, rear) as well as the shallots (center row, front - tiny green tufts). Although many of the seeds we planted recently are sprouting there still isn't much to see.

w & w Garden May 3

April 18th

There's not much to see yet, but plenty of seeds are in the ground.

We planted peas, lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach and shallots on Saturday April 18th. We planted our garlic last November - it is beginning to show itself.

w & w Garden April 19

March 22nd

Here is the garden as of Sunday, March 22, after we took the mulch off the rows.


Here it is on March 12th, about 10 days earlier.


And on February 28th with its winter snow cover:


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